I’ve had a camera for as a long as I can remember, and dogs for longer. My current family consists of four working cockers (three boys and a rescue girl) and an Irish rescue collie cross girl. 


I caught the agility bug at the age of 12 and have competed up and down the country ever since. (including Crufts!)


I now run my own club and teach around 80 dogs a week. I’m heavily invested in my education, and continuously listen and learn from world renowned trainers at seminars all over the UK. I’ve trained with some of the top agility handlers, and one of my spaniels competes at championship level. 


How does this help? I’m not just a photographer; lots of people are surprised at how quickly their dog settles around me, and just how comfortable they get; this is imperative to get the best emotive and character shots. I don’t just photograph dogs, I know dogs.

It really does give me an edge.